Dinosaur Drawing Book

We've called this a dinosaur drawing game but in reality it's more of a sinosaur stickers game where you get to create a Jurassic scene by placing dinosaur stickers on the landscape. Use your mouse to change the dinosaur character by selecting it with your mouse button. After you select the dinosaur or other item you want, place it in the dinosaur park by clicking again with your mouse. Change history! Have dinosaurs stuck up in the air! After you play this dinosaur drawing book game, why not check out and play our other free dinosaur games, especially Big Dinos return which will appeal to younger dinosaur fans!

Big Dinos Return

Dinosaur Facts Game

This dinosaur puzzle is a mixture of dinosaur facts, dinosaur games, dinosaur experiments and facts about dinosaur detectives then discover dinosaur trivia.

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Dinosaur Identification Game

We're all familiar with dinosaurs such as the T Rex and Triceratops but how familiar are you with some of the lesser known dinosaurs? Well, in this dinosaur identification puzzle you'll soon find out, though, in truth, it's not that difficult!

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