Dino Saurs Game

This is a fun dinosaur game to play, and quite hard at time as well. Prehistoric winds have blown your pterodactyl eggs out of your nest. Swoop and search below to father then up before anything "bad" happens! You need to find all of the scattered dinosaur eggs and return them to the nest before time runs out. If you manage to grab fifty eggs you get an extra life. Watch out for prehistoric bugs, if you bump into them they'll make you drop some of your dinosaur eggs, and these eggs must be recovered quickly or they'll become a meal for the T-Rex dinosaur that's prowling on the ground below. If things become too hairy, press the spacebar to stun your enemies and protect your dinosaur eggs with a power surge! Yeah, we never said it was realistic! To play the game use your arrow keys for movement and your space bar for a power surge. After you play this Dino Saurs game why not check out and play some of our other dinosaur games, we've the best online!

Dino Babies

Dinosaur Eggs Game

When the dinosaur babies hatch they will be hungry and thirsty so you need to feed and give them milk, then help them get to sleep, then it's onto the next one.

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Baby Dino

Baby Dinosaur Game/p>

This is a simple game to play, s a simple game to play, just use your arrow keys to help the baby dinosaur make his, or maybe it's a her, we can't tell, way through the Jurassic jungle.

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