Battle Dinosaurs Game

If you like dinosaur shooting, and if you say yes you're telling a porky because you aren't old enough to have shot one, then you'll enjoy this dinosaur shooting game, Battle Dinosaurs! The game is played over a series of levels, each getting progressively harder until you get to take on the really BIG dinosaurs. See if you can survive that. It starts off easily enough; just use your mouse to aim and fire five bullseyes to demonstrate you're ready to go dinosaur shooting. Not that mice and dinosaurs co-existed but that's another story. Probably a Disney one with Tom Hanks doing a voice over. Messy. After you play this dinosaur shooting game, why not check out and play our other free dinosaur games? We showcase some of our favourite dinosaur shooting games below.

Jurassic Island

images/Jurassic Island Game

This is another dinosaur game based loosely on Jurassic Park where you are under attack from the dinosaurs who roam the island in search of food. Can you survive and get off the island or are you going to end up like a Star Trek security guard, very much dead?

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Jurassic Island II

Jurassic Island II Game

This Jurassic dinosaur game is a sequel to the popular Jurassic Island game. Once again you've crash landed on a remote island populated by Jurassic dinosaurs and have to fight for your very survival.

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