Forest Dinosaur Hidden Objects

When dinosaurs first roamed across the Earth, its landmass was one super-continent called Pangaea which slowly broke up and shifted into the continents we see today. This single continent was so huge, its innermost extremes were also far removed from the oceans making them barren deserts. However, as millions of years past, much of this land became dense forest covered in primitive conifers and cypresses and, by the Cretaceous period, flowering plants had begun to evolve providing rich feeding grounds for dinosaurs such as the Corythosaurus. In this forest dinosaur game you have to find hidden objects in a forest where a dinosaur lives. After you play this forest dinosaur game, why not check out and play our other dinosaur games?

Dinosaur Differences

Dinosaur Differences Game

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Hidden Numbers Game

Dinosaur Hidden Numbers Game

This is one of those straightforward hidden numbers game where you have to try and find numbers hidden in various scenes from the Jurassic World movie.

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