Hunga Hatch Game

This game will appeal to younger dinosaur fans, and a few older ones as well. Baby dinosaur eggs are hatching and you need to clear the screen of dinosaurs as fast as you can so they don't reach the top by matching more than 3 at a time. When three or more of the same type of dinosaur are in a line, click on them to send them off the grid. It was always assumed dinosaurs laid eggs because they were reptiles but it wasn't until 1859 that the first scientifically documented dinosaur egg fossils were discovered in France by Jean-Jacques Poech, although at the time they were mistaken for giant bird eggs which is reasonable. The oldest known dinosaur eggs and embryos are from Massospondylus, a dinosaur from the Early Jurassic period about 190 million years ago. After you play this dinosaur eggs hatching puzzle game why not check out and play some of our other dinosaur games, we've the best online!

Dino Babies

Dinosaur Eggs Game

When the dinosaur babies hatch they will be hungry and thirsty so you need to feed and give them milk, then help them get to sleep, then it's onto the next one.

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Dino Saurs

Dino Saurs Game

Prehistoric winds have blown your pterodactyl eggs out of your nest. Swoop and search below to gather them up before anything "bad" happens!

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