Violet Parking 2 Game

Okay there are dinosaur games full of adventure. There are dinosaur games that will scare you witless. There are dinosaur games that will test your thinking skills. There are cute dinosaur games and funny dinosaur games. And er, well, there is this dinosaur parking game. Yes, we actually did write that, so, just to be clear, there are dinosaur parking games. Like this one. Sorry. Quite why it's called a dinosaur parking game we are not sure, after all there is very little evidence apart from the odd 'B' movie from the 1950s and 1960s that humans and dinosaurs ever co-existed and even less evidence that even if they did, there was much call for parking. No sir. To play this game, use your cursor keys for movement and, if you run out of time, you get beaten up. Oh, and there may be the odd dinosaur somewhere in the game, but we didn't come across it. Again, sorry. After you play this dinosaur parking game, why not check out and play our other free dinosaur games?

Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Ice Age Dinosaur Game

In this dinosaur game set in the Ice Age you are little Scrat, embarking on a dangerous journey from the ice world to the safety (er, safety?) of the dinosaur kingdom.

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Dino Panic

Dinosaur Adventure Game

This is a pretty cool dinosaur adventure game where you play the role of prehistoric man Barog who is sent on a mission to find a lost relic in order to marry and preserve the future and continuity of his village.

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