Stone Age Runner Game

We often wonder what a Stone Age caveman would have thought if he or she ever came across a dinosaur skeleton because until even recent centuries they were believed to have been created by God as part of a greater plan and certainly not evidence of evolution which flatly contradicted Creationist Theory which had worldwide, and respected acknowledgement. We reckon your Stone Age caveman would have thought "Ugg! Ugga Ug! Urgggh!" and we'd have to agree. So in this Stone Age dinosaur game, race across an ancient landscape littered with dinosaur fossils and see if you can complete your journey without crashing and bumping into any dinosaurs. Use your arrow keys for movement. After you play this Stone Age dinosaur game why not check out and play some of our other games?

Dino Panic

Dinosaur Adventure Game

This is a pretty cool dinosaur adventure game where you play the role of prehistoric man Barog who is sent on a mission to find a lost relic in order to marry and preserve the future and continuity of his village.

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Jurassic Drive

Jurassic Drive Game

In this Jurassic Park dinosaur game you are in charge of a jeep and have to steer it safely through the rainforest. Oh, and there's the small matter of the dinosaurs that have been let loose in the park.

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