The Last Dinosaur Game

This dinosaur survival game is pretty weird, although a bit historically accurate. Yep, dinosaurs probably were wiped out by a giant meteor some 65 million years ago and yes, dinosaurs were big, but they probably couldn't attempt survival by running around the planet the size of the United Kingdom. Still we never promised you a factually accurate game. Or a rose garden. What we can promise you is a cloud of meteors that threaten the last dinosaur and only you can save him. Or her. Well, actually if you do s/he's gonna die anyway, unless s/he mates with a ostrich or a chicken. Cool, a dinochickensaw. Just imagine cooking them eggs for breakfast. To play this survival game simply use your left arrow key to run anti-clockwise and your right arrow key to run clockwise. Space bar to jump. After you play this dinosaur game, why not check out and play our other free dinosaur games?

A Pterrible Day

Dinosaur Meteor Game

The Pterodactyl lived about 150.8 to around 148.5 million years ago during the late Jurassic period and although known as flying dinosaurs the correct terminology is actually "Pterosaurs". In this weird game help a Pterodactyl as it tries to escape from meteors falling from the sky.

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Dino Panic

Dinosaur Asteroid Game

Sixty-five million years ago 50% of all life forms, including dinosaurs, became extinct when a huge asteroid some six miles across struck Earth. As such it's easy to understand why the dinosaurs in this game are in such a panic as they flee, with your help.

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