Solarsaurus Dinosaur Game

This is a really weird dinosaur game! The object of the game is to hurl dinosaurs into space so they become extinct. Er, didn't that happen when meteors from space hit Earth 65 million years ago? Anyhow, the dinosaurs will appear in the lower section of the screen. To play this weird dinosaur game click and and fling them with your mouse in the upper area to smash into all the planets. Don't fling them too fast, as no one knows what would happen if a fast moving dinosaur collided with a planet. Instead try to carefully aim your shots. After everything has stopped moving, the next dinosaur will appear. You get 100 points for every planet/planet collision, 500 points for every dinosaur/planet collision and a whopping 1000 points for a dinosaur on dinosaur collision. Weird! After you play this dinosaur game, why not check out and play our other free dinosaur games?

Dino Survival Game

Dinosuar Survival Game

This dinosaur survival game is pretty weird, although a bit historically accurate. Yep, dinosaurs probably were wiped out by meteors 65 million years ago, and yes, dinosaurs were big, but they probably couldn't attempt survival by running around the planet like in this game!

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Dino Panic

Dinosaur Asteroid Game

Sixty-five million years ago 50% of all life forms, including dinosaurs, became extinct when a huge asteroid some six miles across struck Earth. As such it's easy to understand why the dinosaurs in this game are in such a panic as they flee, with your help.

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