BMX Rex Game

Okay, let's be honest with you, this kids dinosaur game isn't, well exactly, your standard dinosaur game mainly because it features a BMX. Yes. A BMX. Now, we know history isn't taught in schools the way it used to be, and we're more than open to the possibility that at some time in the future, archaeologists may well uncover a BMX fossil next to dinosaur bones, but until then, we're going to consider the possibility unusual. Stupid even. But then, there you go, if nothing else you've gotta game out of it, albeit a kids game. Anyhow to play, make your dinosaur peddle his or indeed her bike using your left and right arrow keys, use your down arrow key to flip, and collect extra points by collecting stars, Dodos and, er, well sandwiches. Yes sandwiches. Sorry. After you play this dinosaur game, why not check out and play our other free dinosaur kids games?

Stone Age Dinosaur

Stone Age Dinosaur Game

In this Stone Age dinosaur game for kids, race across an ancient landscape littered with dinosaur fossils and see if you can complete your journey without crashing and bumping into dinosaurs.

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Jurassic Drive

Jurassic Drive Game

In this Jurassic Park dinosaur game you are in charge of a jeep and have to steer it safely through the rainforest. Oh, and there's the small matter of the dinosaurs that have been let loose in the park.

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