Legendary Dinosaur Game

Legend has it that deep in the heart of the African Congo there lives a sauropod dinosaur called the Mokele Mbembe, the Lingala words for "one who stops the flow of rivers". Whilst many expeditions have sought to find it around Lake Tele in the Congo basin they have failed, although locals swear to its existence and have provided ambiguous photographic evidence. They claim it's a plant eating herbivore around the size of an elephant at around 20 feet long and brown in colour with a long neck and tail that inhabits forest swamps and lakes Whether the Mokele Mbembe exists in real life or not, it certainly does in this stunning Mokele Mbembe game in which you have to tackle the mythical dinosaur without being killed. See how you get on but, if you get stuck, there's a walkthrough below. After you play this Mokele Mbembe game, why not check out and play our other dinosaur games?

Battle of the Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Wars

In this dinosaur wars game, you get to create your own dinosaur, name it the get to battle against another giant dinosaur. This Dinosaur wars game is actually a demo for the full version made for the Nintendo DS.

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Jurassic Drive

Jurassic Drive Game

In this Jurassic Park dinosaur game you are in charge of a jeep and have to steer it safely through the rainforest. Oh, and there's the small matter of the dinosaurs that have been let loose in the park.

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