Prehistoric Shark Game

If you thought coming face to face with a Great White Shark would be bad enough as they measure up to 6.4 metres and weigh around 1000kg, you probably wouldn't want to come across its distant ancestor, the Megalodon which was three times as large! It is believed to have lived from around 23 million years ago to just 2.6 million years ago and so would have co-existed with early man as played out in this Megalodon game. Its remains have been found everywhere from Europe, Africa, South America as well as Australia and Japan so it terrorised probably any ocean going animal, fish or human being. Some believe that is is possible that the Megalodon still exists deep in the oceans. Certainly other sharks that were initially believed to be extinct millions of years ago have been found in underwater caves in the last few decades so it a possibility, even if a remote one. There are full on screen instructions for this Megalodon game and after you've played it, why not check out and play our other online dinosaur themed games?

Battle of the Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Wars

In this dinosaur wars game, you get to create your own dinosaur, name it the get to battle against another giant dinosaur. This Dinosaur wars game is actually a demo for the full version made for the Nintendo DS.

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Jurassic Drive

Jurassic Drive Game

In this Jurassic Park dinosaur game you are in charge of a jeep and have to steer it safely through the rainforest. Oh, and there's the small matter of the dinosaurs that have been let loose in the park.

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