Robot Dinosaurs Game

Okay, so we admit this robot dinosaurs game is pretty weird, after all, as far as we know dinosaurs did not come to Earth in a spaceship, nor, to our knowledge, and we may be mistaken but doubt it, are dinosaurs actually robots, nor, again, just a guess here, do robots shoot killer beams when they roar, but then, hey, what do we know? Scientists are always keen to discover dinosaur DNA in the hope of recreating a dinosaur. Just imagine the give it artificial intelligence and the enhanced dino isn't all that keen on being on display but would rather rule the world and rid it of pesky human vermin? Skynet would have nothing on that scenario. Anyway, back to the game. To play this robot dinosaurs shooting game click on INSERT CREDIT then guide your dinosaur around the screen with your mouse and, er, start shooting! After you play this game, why not check out and play our other free dinosaur games?

Dinosaur Fighter

Dinosaur Fighting Game

In this dinosaur fighting game, dinosaurs are roaming loose throughout the city. So who ya gonna call? No, not Ghostbusters but the intrepid dinosaur fighter because we said dinosaurs not ghosts!

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Battle Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Shooting Game

The dinosaur shooting game is played over a series of levels, each getting progressively harder until you get to take on the really BIG dinosaurs.

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